Of course the selection of clothing is always up to you! However I have found that solid colors and small patterns let a child’s face remain the focus of the photo. That doesn’t mean it has to be plain– if your style is funky, then by all means bring out the bright colors and mix up the patterns for a fun fashion look. But do be aware that even a small logo can jump out in a photograph, so I do discourage pictures on shirts. Denim photographs beautifully, and the camera loves texture. Layers, sweaters, courduroy, tulle all bring interest to black and white images especially. For shoes, often bare feet make the best footwear. When having portraits taken of your baby, try to dress them in something non-binding to make it easy to change, as well as make for unblemished skin if they are photographed ‘au naturale’. For family photos, coordinating solids are best. Make sure everyone wears either all dark pants, or all light pants. White socks should be avoided. Feel free to bring two or three outfits to change into, keeping your child’s tolerance for changes in mind. Accessories are always lots of fun as well  (and cute hats are just a good idea for fall and spring when its often chilly on a morning shoot), as are attractive toys or stuffed animals.

Here are some fun place to shop:

The Gap at Pioneer Place often has one of the better selections of their “fancy” lines. Their lookbooks online can help you put together outfits.

Black Wagon is a boutique on N. Mississippi. Polliwog is on SE Belmont, and Milagros in on 30th/NE Killingsworth.

Ruche now has a babies and kids collection, as well as great inspiring lookbooks.

Chasing Fireflies is a catalog with really cute whimsical clothing, especially for little girls.

Boden Kids has great basics.

And if you are looking for a solid t-shirt and can’t find one, Target always seems to have some in stock.