Brittney — thanks so much for coming out on Saturday. The pictures are amazing. I decided a few months ago to experiment with a new photographer and it couldn’t have workedout any better. Paul and I agreed yesterday you are just the perfect fit; willing to come out to the boonies, trop around in the mud, get the kids to smile. And the pictures just couldn’t have come out better. I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful they were all weekend. — Terri

Brittney, those cards are freaking amazing, we are so happy with them!! –Gary

I wanted to let you know — and this should come as no surprise– that the cards that we sent out over the holidays with the girls pictures are still being raved about! Friends and family love the pictures of the girls and go out of their way to tell us that! And all the prints are framed and up around the house. You made my girls look beautiful. –Beth G.

Brittney — The photos are wonderful. I even like the photos with me in them.. and that is rare! Thanks. –Sylvie

I wanted to send you a very, very belated thank you for the fantastic experience you gave us for the photo session and the absolutely wonderful pictures. I treasure them all, and am still moved when I look at them today. I wanted to capture her in the “baby” state and you did just that, and more! You really captured the joy and personality she has, and we could not be happier with everything. We also get endless compliments about them — it makes feel like we have the most beautiful baby in the world! (which of course we do!) Thank you so much! — Trina and Rick