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Senior pictures are not only traditional, they are great fun. For years, you’ve been stuck with school pictures and selfies. With a senior portrait session, you not only get to play model for the afternoon but you get great retouched images of yourself that you can show off now, and in 20 years. Parents love them because with their baby off to college, the photo on the wall takes on extra meaning. I can do a session with just you, or we can do a full family picture at the beginning of the session, then send everyone home and focus on fun images.

I recommend really having fun thinking about your outfits and planning them out. Bring more then you need, extra goodies etc, and before the shoot we can look it all over and discuss what will work best. Think about colors that bring out your eyes, a pretty dress or two especially one that will flow around when you move, an outfit that is just you… or anything special you’ve recently bought!

Location wise we can do something in the city, with just urban scenes or a mix with parks. Or we can go out and get country scenes as well. For a little more, we can do the coast, gorge or Mt Hood. Its up to you what you want the feel of your pictures to be like. If you have a vision and a folder full of pinterest, let me know and we can see what we can come up with.

I sell professional retouched prints of all sizes, albums, and also digital negative files so everyone can be happy and you don’t have to worry about where you can decent print made.