Many of my clients love the emotion in my pictures, particularly in the family and sibling pictures. Over the years of being a portrait photographer, I’ve really learned to appreciate the team effort that portrait photography really is for the final result. I have tricks for making the session fun for kids, to get those great expressions. But I’ve also learned that the best thing a family can do for their session is to make it a special occasion for the kids. Its hard not to get tense when you want great photos, especially knowing how contrary babies and children can randomly be! But when parents make it a time to just play with their kids, give them attention, and even let loose and be goofy– this is when I get the very best photos.

Photography captures such a brief moment in time, that I can get great pictures of even crabby kids. So relax, and have fun! Tell your kids that you are going to be meeting me, and that you and I are both going to be playing with them, as well as taking some pictures looking at the camera. For your family pictures I will do some of you looking at the camera, but I will also try to get some less traditional photos to show your relationships. Its kinda weird, but if you do some special family things like singing songs, telling jokes, doing a tickly thing…  or playing with baby like you do at home…  the results are magical.

I also suggest feeding kids on the way to the session, and bringing extra drinks and non-messy snacks for the middle or just after the session.

What to wear

Of course the selection of clothing is always up to you! However I have found that solid colors and small patterns let a child’s face remain the focus of the photo. Even a small logo or picture can jump out in a photograph. Denim and knitwear photograph beautifully. For shoes, often bare feet make the best footwear. When a baby or child is sitting down, all we see are the bottoms of the shoes which is something to consider.

When having portraits taken of your baby, try to dress them in something non-binding to make it easy to change, as well as make for unblemished skin if they are photographed ‘au naturale’. For family photos, coordinating solids are best. Make sure everyone wears either all dark pants, or all light pants. White socks should be avoided. Feel free to bring two or three outfits to change into, keeping your child’s tolerance for changes (as well chances of spitting up!) in mind.