What areas do you serve?

I serve the basic Portland metro area — Eastside/Westside, Camas, Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Gladstone/Milwaukee for location work. Other areas, you can come to me at my Portland studio, or we can meet on location at one of my favorite places in town. Some times of year I can also do on location further afield for a fee, as well as pictures on the Oregon Coast.

What to expect

I work to capture your child in a casual relaxed manner, with a range of emotion and expression. My goal is a genuine expression, one that will capture what you remember about your child at this stage of their life. I try to make them comfortable with some simple or silly conversation, or quietly follow them to catch them in the moment. Family images are combination of posed, and more relaxed moments. In every session I try to capture the love in your relationships. I encourage you to approach your session without piling on pressure, and allow yourself to experience each other, and have fun with each other. Your feelings will come through in the final images, and I’ve found that people who are the most photogenic are the ones that are feeling relaxed and unconscious (hard to do in practice if it doesn’t come naturally I know personally, but I know for me it helps to just feel and focus on my loved ones).

How long does a session last?

Sessions usually last from 1 to 2 hours.

When will I get my pictures?

Approximately 60-80 preview photographs will be available for viewing 1-2 weeks after your appointment.  A popular choice is a session album that includes 20 of your favorite images shown at your ordering session.

Do you sell CD’s of everything?

I sell digital negatives that are priced according to the number you choose to buy. I don’t sell a CD of everything I shoot; this has alot to do with how I shoot. Some junior photographers shoot in JPEG mode; they let their camera make the choices on color, tones, and exposure and their images are thus more or less done when the shoot is done unless they run automated actions on them. I shoot RAW on my camera. The files can’t be opened by most people, as you need to use particular software to open these files where you sort through your images, select the best ones, then individually adjust the color balance, tones, exposure etc for each image. The program then outputs a JPEG to be opened in photo editing programs etc.  My years of experience with this part of the process is part of how my images look so good. I’ve been shooting this way since I have been a professional (over 10 years now). After you pick your favorite images at the order session you can buy the digital negative of those images. I will then retouch them and you will receive the full size color and bw JPEG that is my final product that I use to send to my professional lab.

Do you offer any newborn baby portrait packages?

Yes, I offer a ‘Baby’s First Year’ package at a significant discount. Bring your child in as a newborn to 3 month old, again at 6 months, and at a year to capture the dramatic changes of their first year. Included are 22 custom designed cards that you can use for baby announcements or first year birthday invitations. All ‘Babys First Year’ clients also have access to exclusive discounted packages, with options to purchase an album that showcases your baby’s entire first year. Additional sessions can be added on as well (such as maternity). The fee is $300, with sessions added on for only $99 at the original purchase time. The catch? All sessions must be on weekday mornings.

Can you shoot my child’s birthday party?

I don’t typically shoot birthday parties. However it is a large event, I can cover the event like a wedding.

How can I best preserve my images for the future?

The best way to preserve your child’s images is in a archival photo album. Digital formats change (anyone have boxes with unwatchable video’s from their childhood?), CD’s can fail in a little as 5 years, harddrives fail constantly, but an album will safely display your child’s baby images for generations.  I use professional photo labs to make sure your images last as long as possible. I practice this in my own life (all my son’s best images are printed by my lab and preserved in albums). My art paper prints are predicted to last over 100 years without fading, and are the ultimate archival choice for a special image. For those that want a digital copy of some form as well, I do offer the digital negatives.

Do you do black and white photography? Digital or film photography? What is your equipment?

As a photographer, I enjoy both black and white as well as color photography. I shoot all my sessions using digital technology. At your order session, I will show you your images in both color and black and white so that you can see both and choose what you like best for an image. I shoot with Nikon gear- my current camera is the top of the line D4 and I use primarily Nikon’s prime lenses (50 1.4g, 85 1.4g and a 105 macro). I shoot everything in RAW, and my post processing is part of the high quality of my final images.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that life with children can be unpredictable. Please call 48 hours prior to your appointment for a rescheduling, though I welcome reschedules day of for serious illness and flu symptoms in the family. No shows will lose their session fee.