Portraits are a beautiful way to decorate your home. But it can also be hard to decide just what to do!displayshelf

One common dilemna is sizing. We get so used to the 4x6s we get back from the drug store that all other sizes look huge. But when a 4×6 is put on a wall, it looks out of balance. Images often need to be larger so that they can be clearly seen from the main part of the room (such a the living rooms couch). I live in a bungalow, and for my mantle image I have an 18×24. A newly built home with high ceiling might need a 24×30 to keep a single image from looking dinky.

Another way to build weight is to group images together. This can be done with framed images spaced on the wall, or by using portrait shelves to lean groups of images together for a more casual look. I hope some of the groupings to the right give you some ideas. One clever idea I got from a client is to frame your images in frames that are all the same color but with different frame mouldings. This gives a sublte eccelectism to your wall display that is very sophisticated.

However you decide to decorate with your images, I can help you fit the images from your session into your look. I bring a measuring tape and sample sizes with me to your ordering session, and can help design a display that is just right for your home.