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Posted on Feb 20, 2010 in Portland Oregon, San Diego, Uncategorized, Wedding

Wedding photography is an important investment– after its all over, its the only thing you have to document the beauty and emotion of your day. Unlike other portraits, there are no do overs which makes hiring a photographer a crucial choice.  I offer several options for wedding photography. You can choose a simple session that is earlier on your wedding day, or soon after, and do a session in your dress etc without the tight time constraints of the wedding itself. This is a budget option that costs the same as my regular session fee of $150. Wedding day coverage includes two photographers– together we have over 15 years of experience. My partner for weddings is Jeff Shanes.  We both own high end photographic equipment to capture your day in the best possible quality (Nikon D3 for me, Canon’s 5dmarkII and a 5D for Jeff.) Because we have been using digital photography for so long, digital color and retouching are second nature. You can rest assured that in your retouched prints, your skin will be flawless, your wrinkles will have mysteriously faded etc.

I don’t believe in dumping you with every file taken, including ones where someone looks undeniably bad. Unlike many photographers, I will do the first pass and select only the best ones for your viewing leaving you with less work and frustration (photographing babies I’ve met many parents who have no wedding pictures because the weeding-through process was so overwhelming they never got around to completing it! What a shame!). Because of that feedback, I try to make it easier, and include images that I can just get in your home without any work on your part. Some photographers will just give you what they ‘grab’ with the camera, but all our images will be fully color corrected and adjusted and all proofs are printed by a professional portrait lab– not Costco. We do a combination of photojournalism and posed shots. We also love the “posed but it doesn’t look like it” moments. We put you in a beautiful spot with good light and back up and let you two have a moment to chat, kiss, and enjoy each other.

Short and Sweet

3 hours. This can cover the ceremony, romantic images away from the crowds,  and a few obligatory full family posed images. Full Processing. You pick your favorite 25 images to receive on CD with reprint rights. Not available on Saturday evenings.  $900

Some Photographic Goodness

6 hours. This time allotment can cover from getting ready to early part of your reception. Full Processing. A really cool custom box designed from your images with 150 color corrected proofs inside, and the files on CD with reprint rights. You pick your favorite 40 for full retouching and manipulation. Those images go in a small but classy leather 8×8 flushmount  album with one image per page.  $2100

The Real Deal

10 hours. We shoot till we drop! From getting ready, the ceremony, to the full reception. Receive all the ones where you look good as color corrected images on CD with  reprint rights, as well as your choice of 250 fully retouched proofs in really cool custom box designed from your images  and a beautiful 12×12 flushmount leather  or custom cover flushmount album with a clean, modern design inside and out. $2900

Best of Everything

10 hours wedding day coverage, plus an on location 3 hr engagement session. Receive color corrected images on CD with reprint rights, as well as 250 fully retouched proofs in really cool custom box designed from your images  and a beautiful 12×12 40 page flushmount leather  or custom cover flushmount album with a clean, modern design inside and out. Your choice of a fun sign in book featuring images from the engagement session, or an 11×14 or 10×20 image to display at the wedding. And of course 2 smaller matching albums for the parents. $3700

Getting married elsewhere? We are both well traveled and love shooting new places. Just pay for our travel expenses, no extra fees. And if its somewhere really awesome, we might even cut you a deal 🙂

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